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Cocktail Crack Publication for the alcohol industry, published its list of the top-selling classic cocktails in 2021. DI surveys top bars around the globe and asks them to name their best-selling cocktails for the year. The results are then weighted and ranked. The publication reviewed 100 bars to compile the most-ordered drinks of the year at the top establishments across the globe.

The new list reveals that tropical cocktails are always in season. Three of the seven new additions feature bright flavors, fruity ingredients, including the Jungle Bird and El Diablo. Maybe almost a year spent at home inspired drinkers to enjoy their beach vacations in one glass. Another note: Long Island Iced Tea is now ranked number one in the year’s rankings, proving that we can always expect the unexpected.

Cocktail 14.3.2 You know what else? It is easy to make your own cocktail recipes. Although it may seem daunting, creating a great cocktail can be done quickly at home. We’ve discovered that signature cocktails add an infinite amount of fun to any occasion as we dove into our research. We’re constantly adding to it. We’d love for you to give these a try. Here are the top of our favorite cocktail recipes: fancy, fun, and everything in between. For tips on becoming a semi-professional mixologist, scroll down below. Are you ready to start drinking?

The days of the Cosmo being the bartender’s pinata have passed. There may be some crafted variations on this drink. But mostly, there is indifference. It’s vodka, triple sec, and cranberry. The Cosmo dropped 14 spots in 2021 but has remained relevant. The ingredients of the Cosmo include lime, lemon, and passion fruit juices, Angostura bitters, and three types of rum (light and dark) as well as brown sugar.

Cocktail Serial Key Apple Martini, or “Appletini,” adds an interesting twist to the traditional dry martini. Vodka is used instead of gin to make the cocktail. Apple schnapps can be added to give it a sweet, but a slightly bitter twist. Simple but delicious, the cocktail is finished with lemon juice. This cocktail is timeless.

This potent cocktail combines vodka, triple sec, vodka, tequila, and vodka with a mix of sweet and tart cola and lemon. Although tea is not an ingredient in the drink, the main ingredients, primarily cola, could you give it a richer flavor profile? The Red Hot Chili Peppers use the term Californication to refer to the mixing of cultures.


This is evident in the variety of spirits that are used throughout the cocktail, which come from different parts of the globe—a mixture of vodka, tequila, rum, and gin. Orange liqueur, lemon, and orange juice are added to mask the different spirits.

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It is solid and sweet. You can finish the cocktail with a slice of orange, or a twist of orange rind. This classic tropical cocktail has a unique look and flavor. This is more of a smoothie than an alcoholic drink. This simple, but delicious combination of coconut milk and rum has been a firm favorite over the years.

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